Unable to open attachment on calendar appointment

Hi, fellow eM users!

Here’s my issue – a person sends a calendar appointment and it has attachments. If I don’t download the attachments before accepting the appointment, I’m lost. When I open the now accepted appointment from the calendar, I can see the attachments but when I click on them, nothing happens. Right-click doesn’t provide any sort of contextual menu either.

Are we relegated to having to remember to download attachments before accepting any calendar invitations or is there a box I can tick so this isn’t an issue?

Thanks for your thoughts!

This is because the calendar in which you are saving the event does not support attachments.

The ghost attachment icon was left behind, but we have fixed this in a later version of eM Client, so you will not see it.

So, Outlook and Outlook Exchange are the clients in question. I am a Pro eM user and have the most current version.

If the issue is with other email applications, then you will need to contact them for assistance.

If the issue is with how eM Client is displaying this ghost, then you will need to wait for a later release.

Hello: somehow missed that last reply.

When I look at the calendar invitation – before accepting it so it is added to the calendar – I can see the attachment. I can open it. If I accept the invitation without downloading the attachment first, it seems to then turn into a ghost attachment. When I go to the item now on my calendar and open it, I can see the paper clip, I can see the document or whatever it is, and it looks like an attachment. However, I can’t select it or open it from the now-accepted calendar invitation.

What I’ll have to do is try an experiment of seeing if I can open the attachment in the native email program from the calendar. If I can do that, I will circle back to confirm it is an eM issue, not the native email program issue.