Unable to Modify Rule and keep Search Words

I am trying to modify a Rule to search for words in the Subject only rather than in the current setting of “Body or Subject.” However, when I check the new box for Subject, then un-check the box for Body or Subject, all my search words disappear. Rather than modifying an existing Rule, I am being forced to re-enter hundreds of search words. eM Client does not carry the old words over, nor does it allow me to copy and paste. Am I missing something? Thanks, Jon T.

No, this seems to be the way eM works. I’m not sure how they could fix this,
because of the way they have filtering set up each condition being separate
with no connection with each other, other than maybe being able to copy
and paste.

Alan is right - it is not possible at the moment but I will discuss it with our developers and will let you know if they decide to change this.