Unable to maximise eM client from taskbar?

I really like eM client, however I’ve noticed a really annoying issue. When I click the application in my Taskbar everything opens fine, however when I minimize to do something else, clicking the Taskbar icon no longer maximises the client. I have to go into the open applications on the right hand side and maximize the client from there, which needless to say means I just use Gmail from web instead.

I’m on Windows 10. Is this a known issue? Is there a setting I can activate to enable this functionality?


No this is not a known eM Client problem.

Suggest if you haven’t already, try uninstalling and reinstalling eM Client and “don’t delete the database” when asked on the uninstall wizard.

Note: Backup eM Client before uninstalling via “Menu / Backup”. You can see when the backup is complete via “Menu / Operations”

Then redownload the same or later version of eM Client from the release history page and reinstall. After reinstalling reboot your computer.

If still a problem you may have an eg: OS glitch. So make sure you’ve done all your OS patches and updates as that could be the issue. Also could be a eg: video driver related issue, so do any of those updates if available as well.

Lastly if uninstalling & reinstalling eM Client makes no difference, and doing OS updates and video driver updates make not difference, then you may have some other background program interfering with the maximizing of eM Client. So to test that disable all non os background tasks & reboot.