Unable to login.

I recently bought eM Client and registered on your website. I even put a question up on this forum. However going back today I find I cannot login. I use roboform so the password and email address are just the same as was used before. Can you sort this for me please. My email address is: [email protected]

What login are you referring to? To your Mail account, eM Client’s database or our support system?

It’s the one I had to setup to use the forums.
I set it up, posted on the forum and then went back a few days later only to discover I couldn’t login.
I use RoboForm so the password and login ID are unchanged since I first logged in.
What could have changed to do this?
It’s not the first time or the first site this has happened on. It does seem to be a common issue with sites - some worse and some better than others.
Hope you can resolve this for me.


Strange thing is, I’ve just tried my password and login ID to log in here and it’s worked.
Why then can’t I use it to log into the forums when I try?

Honestly, I don’t know. Next time it happens you can use the option “Forgot your password?”