Unable to login to VIP support

Hello to everyone!

As the title says… I am unable to access any kind of direct support. When I enter the email address I used to purchase eM, I get an error that email is not valid. I know it’s valid, has to be valid because I have the email sent to me with the license key and I can plainly see the email address…

There is no link to write anyone anywhere on the page, I am stuck holding a cheesy software program that DOES NOT work as promised wrought with severe issues… eM may work well for the average Joe, but if you meticulously curate your email flow as I do, eM is shite and just does not deliver… I am trying to get my money

Support options and contact methods are listed on our web page. If you have a Pro license you can login to the Helpdesk, the link for which is there on all web pages, or directly when going to Menu > Help > Get Support from within eM Client if you are able to open the application. If you don’t have a Support account, please create one.