Unable to Import Contacts

I have my contacts saved as an Excel file (All Contacts.xml). When I tried importing the file, I received the following error:

"Error when preparing import: Error occurred during settings import: Format of the XML was not recognized ". Suggestions, please!

I am not an Excel expert, but I have never heard of an Excel file with an .XML extension. It appears that eMC uses .CSV or .VCF formatted files.

Hi Al,

Thanks for your reply. If I go to Contacts>Import, the Import XML Settings widow then opens & asks me to “Open a XML file”. I tried saving my Excel file as a XML file & it opens in Excel! But when I entered it into the “Open a XML file”, it doesn’t work. Suggestions, please!

Note below that there are only 2 types of files that can be imported for contacts: VCF and CSV.

At the bottom of the list is .XML for importing “SETTINGS”.