Unable to get valid license after free demo expired

I have been using the free version of eM client for a couple of weeks now and it’s now saying that I need a valid licence to continue to use it, and so I cannot receive or send any emails.
However for some reason when I click to get the free licence it’s saying I already have one and that I need to get a validation key or something.
So I click on ‘Lost validation key’ link which says that they will email me the activation key to my email address but of course with my email account being ‘frozen’ and not receiving emails I don’t get it. So what am I supposed to do? All I need is the free account, I have 2 email addresses linked to that account. I don’t need the pro version.
Surely there’s a way of reactivating that actually works.

sábado 27 agosto 2022 :: 0735hrs (UTC +01:00)


Check your email using web mail via your browser.
You do not need a Pro license providing both email accounts are personal and
not used for any commercial purpose.

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Thank you, I finally figured that’s how I’d have to do it. Just took me a while. Appreciate your response skybat.