Unable to edit templates, as it shows blank when editing but its there if I send and email using it

I am running the latest version.

When I go to edit a template the template screen is blank even though tho when I go to send an email using it it works as normal, but the problem is I can’t edit it at all, which kind of ruins the whole point of the template. Even though I can’t edit it if I try to click ok nothing happens.

The templates are very important to me, if you can help, please do.


Please make sure you changed the color of the text from white to any other, so you can see it.

Hope that helps.

Thank you for your reply.

The text colour is black.
The problem is that it is practically unresponsive.
The template is blank, but when I send an email with it, it is there but I can’t edit it as it is not there in the editing screen.

please help

I have the same issue. Up until earlier today I was able to edit the templates but now the screen just stays white and the template does not load. I can still send an email with this template but just can’t edit it.

Exactly. Someone please help us on this.

Here was my solution if it helps anyone else. I had already saved my original template, so I just deleted the original and then just made a new template from copying and pasting the old one and it has now been working fine for over a week and I am able to edit it again.