Unable to delete or move a few older messages from my inbox. New messges OK -eM Client v7

I have an icloud account.  A few older emails in my inbox are just stuck there.  I am unable to delete them or move them to a different folder.  New incoming messages are fine.  I can delete them.  Looking for help to figure out how to get rid of these persistent messages in my inbox.  BTW these annoying messages are not on the server.

Just try again and agein to move or delete it! I had the same problem deleting an old e-mail and all of a sudden de message was gone!!!

Hello Don,
try turning eM Client to Offline mode by choosing Menu>File>Work offline.
Restart eM Client.
Delete the older messages.
Turn back to online mode the same way.


I tried this and the messages came right back after turn the online mode back on.

Hello Jay,
are these messages present on your server?
Is your issue also on iCloud?


the messages are not on the server.  i do not use icloud

Can you please specify what account does this issue happen on and copy the content of the error and log tab when this issue happens, please?
What version of eM Client are you running? Can you check for exact number in Help>About section?


Hi Olivia,

I tried this but it is not working.  When I click on these message nothing shows up on the message window.  This happens with a few messages on my iCloud account only.  These messages are not present in my iCloud account when I access it using my web browser.  Also, when I click on the message and try to delete it, I am not getting any error messages.  I am using version 7.0.26482.0.  Let me know where I can access the log file and I will be happy to send your way.  Thanks.