Unable to create events in eM client's calendar

I am unable to create events on calendar. They disappear once I click save…

This usualy happens when you try to create an event in read-only folder. What calendar service do you use?

OK, So I was able to create a local Calendar… I created an event and it finally stayed there… But now… How do I get the events I have scheduled on my Google calendar to this calendar and how can I sync between Google and my new calendar??
Please help… Learning curve for me is steep!

What do you mean by creating the event on “read-only” folder?

Google calendar

I tried to sync the local calendar with Google but it would not do it… So, I am not sure how to proceed…

Can you please post here a screenshot of the calendar? By “read-only” folder I mean e.g. U.S holidays folder.

In this case, the only solution is to copy events from Google calendar to the Local calendar and vice versa. There is no other solution …

Can you please show me how to do so, or at least point to a link explaining how to do that? Thank you.

I copied my local calendar folder to my Google calendar folder… It worked! Thank you!