Unable to Copy text from received mails

I Unable to Copy text from my received mails, and paste it in new mail or any word file. So if i want to put any text from any mail which I received from third party, I have to type it all. which is very time consuming.

So please Help me!

Hi Abhijit ,

it may be connected with Internet Explorer as eM Client internally uses it to display contents of an email, could you please start Internet Explorer, open some page and attempt to copy something? Can you try also right click on the selected text and tell us what happen?
What version of Windows and Internet Explorer do you use? (For IE you can find this in Help -> About)


Dear Gabriel sir,

I have tried to copy text by right click and Ctr+c. also tried to copy from website. But nothing happen. please help me.

I am using Windoex XP SP2, ie6, Firefox 3.6

I also have this problem, with Windows XP SP3, ie6 (6.0.2900.5512), Firefox 3.6.11.

I recently got this problem, which is also that when I paste something in a “new mail” window, i got a security warning and has to click “Yes” to allow pasting.

Do I need to update IE? I would like to have IE6 installed, since I’m a web developer and needs to test pages in that.

It would be useful if eM client was not dependent of the version of my browser.


Also, copy/paste works fine directly in IE6, so there seems to be something else making the problem.

Also, wouldn’t it be unsafe to use IE6 as mail rendering engine (?), since there are a lot of exploits and malware that could infect this browser?

Thank you!