Unable to Contact Sales or Support

I purchased pro today but have decided not to continue to use the pro version.
How does one go about getting a refund for the product?
I created a support ticket and emailed sales over 4 hours ago and haven’t
received a reply as to how to utilize the money back guarantee.
Maybe someone here can help.

I have deactivated the pro license and re-activated the free license.


4 hours? Give it a few days…

Ok. I’ll do that.


Why should he be expected to wait a few days… the license if VERY clear, VIP support.

In WHOSE mind is VIP support more than a few minutes, AT MOST

Responding 2 years later to a volunteer is useless and a waste of time.
Contact the company directly by paying for support and voice away.

I have paid for support, I bought a $110 license to put eM on several computers, but their support is far, far removed from being called any support much less VIP