Unable to connect to zoho IMAP server

New installation V6.0.20498.0. Numerous attempts failed using correct zoho parameters as per their help page for IMAP server.  POP connected with no problems. Not a server problem as Thunderbird with IMAP connection working fine throughout.

Hi, are you seeing any errors from the application? If so can you make a screenshot of the issue?
What mail service are you using? Are you using any firewall/proxy/antivirus with mail protection software on your computer or in your network?

Thank you,

Thanks Paul, it is now fixed and works fine.  There were 2 problems; first the IMAP server was being ‘upgraded’ and it was a mess for 2 days and secondly, I use Avira Antivirus and that was blocking all emails using eM Client (but not Thunderbird). I contacted them and their response was to suggest turning off email protection because they do not support mail from encrypted servers because the mail is already protected.

I’m not entirely happy with that situation so I would welcome your views on the security issue and whether there might be work around from your end.

Finally, it is a great product - thanks!

I’m glad you’ve solved the issue, as to the security issue, it seems quite odd that Avira blocks the encrypted servers, we’ve come across issues with avira in the past. My best suggestion here would be changing your antivirus software, I’m afraid there can’t be a workaround from our side at the moment, as this really is more of a avira’s issue.

Thank you for understanding,