Unable to connect to Gmail server


On my laptop, windows 10, I am unable to connect to the Gmail server, no login screen pops up during the setup. After adding the Gmail account in eM Client, a screen pops-up, Connection Failed (in Dutch) , An attempt to connect Gmail.com account failed due to server settings etc…Check settings etc. I did, nothing wrong. I can login to Gmail with my Gmail account.
All my Gmail settings are checked and working.
I have no problems connecting to my Ziggo mail server.

On my Desktop PC, Windows 7, this problem does not occur, both email accounts Gmail and Ziggo are connected in eM Client setup, including login screens for both.

Please advise
Kind regards Jan van Bree

Remove the Gmail account from the laptop.

Now set a default browser in your Windows settings. Or even select a different browser as default.

Back in eM Client add the Gmail account again.

Dear Gary,

Problem solved!
Not exactly the steps you described but definitaly a Google Chrome default setting issue.
After several attempts I re-installed Chrome and the email started popping in!! Whilst installing I got a login screen for Chrome and after that it all happend to work fine.
Not sure what exactly was the problem but it is solved!

Thank you so mutch, have a nice weekend.
Kind regards Jan van Bree

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