unable to change/edit emclient folder names

cannot edit folder name within mail section

unless you are trying to rename a special folder (which needs to have the same name to map your emails to it correctly, like inbox, Sent, etc.) you should just be able to right-click the folder and choose to ‘Rename…’

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hi i have tried that but it does not work, just reverts to original name

Ok, can I ask what email account does this happen on? (is it gmail/yahoo/outlook/…?)
What mail service does it use? (IMAP/POP/Exchange/AirSync? Check your settings in Tools > Accounts if you are not sure)


i use gmail imap

Hi Harry,
that is rather curious - it might seem silly, but do you press Enter after you finish typing the new name of the folder or do you click elsewhere?

Hi Olivia
Thanks for the simple advise, I was clicking elsewhere as I have been used to doing so in other programs but clicking enter has now renamed it.