Unable to Change Account Special Folders

I’ve recently upgraded to Version 7 (7.0.27943.0).  In version 6, I was able to re-map the “Special Folders” to use folders other than the default.  In Version 7, this doesn’t appear to be working.  Details below:

I’m using IMAP with GMail on a Windows 8.1 machine
To change the Special Folders, I go to Menu -> Tools -> Accounts
Select the GMail account
Select the IMAP tab
Under “Special Folders” section, ensure “Automatically detect special folder names” is unchecked.
Change the “Trash” folder from “[Gmail]/Bin” to “Deleted Items” (having ensured that this folder exists).
Click OK

The changes appear to have been applied immediately, in that Deleted Items becomes Trash and Bin becomes another folder.  However, as soon as eM Client has synced with GMail, the Trash folder reverts back to the Bin mapping.  

These are the same settings I’d used in Version 6, so not sure if something has changed in Version 7?  

Any assistance is appreciated.

Hello Blaise,
unfortunately, with the improved Label support for Gmail changing the special folder can no longer work correctly.
I’ll notify our developers to adapt the setting options to this fact.
Sorry for the inconvenience.