Unable to change account settings

It seemed that I have an incorrect portnumber on my  IMAP settings, that’s why I cannot receive any mails 
The portnumber is now 143 and should be 993. BUT, the moment I change this into 993, EM-client is frozen and I have to stop the process of EM client. And so I am not able to receice any mails, who can help me  PLEASE???
Thanks in advance!

Hi Geri,

What an annoying situation.

Couple of questions : What’s your OS  and version of  eM Client ? 
what’s the protection or security program?
Are you running an sychronous backup program?

What’s your polling interval of eM Client ?  how many minutes?
Menu > Tools > Settings > General > General > Synchronisation

If eMC is trying to contact the server while you’re in the middle of changing the server,you’ll have a conflict. and eMC freezes  ( my thought)

Temporarily - Go to  Menu > Tools > Accounts > General
Select the Account in question  and at the bottom un tick " Include when sending/receiving emails "

Then go to the IMAP  tab and  change the server to 993 and also check SMTP server - should be 587.

Make sure the rest of your settings are as required by the mail provider.

Then go back to Accounts and tick " Include when etc   …"

Don’t set sychronizing lower than 5 min or as advised by mailprovider.
(I understand certain providers just ignore exessive sync’ing - like  1 min )


Hya Digger!
Thank you so much!. 
 I followed your advices and especially the advice with "UNTICK include sending and receiving emails  was succesfull.  After I had done this, I could change the port setting into 993 and then, after having restarted EM-client, I received the mails of the last days.
Thanks again and have a fine weekend!

Hi Geri,

You’re so welcome 
Thank you for posting the results and what made it work.

There are so many reasons why a program may freeze and often many reasons
have nothing to do with the program , but instead are caused by progams or processes running in the background.

I went by - in this case - a correct hunch - that if you try to change something in the settings while eMC is synchronizing ,there is a conflict.

Believe it or not - while I was writing this - the same happened to me.
A program  was trying to update - I let it happen - silently, and after a few minutes
things settled down and could continue.

AV programs can also cause this… I know the symptoms…
Check Taskmanager and look which processes use the most memory and CU.
if I recognize the process, I let it happen without doing anything and wait it out…

Anyway, I’m glad you’ve got the mail working again…

Wens jou ook een heel plezierig weekend…