Unable to back-up - Says emClient was not closed correctly - how can I get at the data?

My PC was affected by the CTB Locker malware, in spite of having full antivirus installed.

Since then, I can open emClient, but everytime I do anything, a emClient Application Error pop-up appears saying that an error has occurred in the application that prevents it from continuing. The application will terminate.

My previous backup has failed, so is there a way of extracting the data from the database? It is still there in the apps/roaming folder. This is my only hope of rec  overing some important emails.

I have the full failure report I can send / post of it would help.

Hi Keith,
can you send me the crash error message?
Please try to make a copy of your existing database and then fully reinstall eM Client.
If this doesn’t help, send you the report here or to my address [email protected] with a link to this forum topic.

Best regards,