Unable to add rules for Yahoo account

I have three email accounts in eM Client Pro

I can add rules to two accounts (both are outlook.com) but I cannot add rules to the Yahoo account. I would like to know why I can’t add rules for the Yahoo account, or is there a way to add rules for the Yahoo acount?

When I add a new rule I can click the down arrow by my default account and I can select the second account, but the Yahoo email does not show.

I think you are referring to server Rules. That means you create the Rule in eM Client, and it is stored on the server. This is not supported with Yahoo!

Instead, just create the Rule locally.


It will apply to all incoming messages. If you want it to apply only to the messages received on the Yahoo! account, you can specify that in the Rule.

Thank you very much! I was about to ditch the Yahoo account.