Unable to add new Office365 - Mac


I saw your product and thought i would give it a test drive. It works great for gmail and office 365 on a windows machine. The challenge is that i use a Mac for my daily tasks.

I am currently running the latest free trial version: 8.1.1083

I have followed the recommended things like changing default behavior for exchange online Oauth and setting default browser. None seem to work.
I would really like to purchase your product but cant justify it if it is not working as intended.


Looks like i am making forward progress.

It looks like the default values for office365 are incorrect.
For me - I found them on this link:

Still working on getting the calendar to show up :-(.


Hi Ron,
POP/IMAP and SMTP are just mail protocols, so they will not synchronize your calendar or contacts.
To synchronize all of these, you need to set up the Office 365 account with the Exchange protocol.

If you have trouble doing so, please try enabling oAuth for these accounts for eM Client and then try to set up the account again using the Automatic setup - OAuth login for Microsoft Office 365 / EWS accounts


It works great if i install and setup on a windows machine. I see the Exchange services.
No clue what you are talking about within the Mac options “when setting it up Office 365 account with the Exchange protocol” so any documentation would be greatly appreciated.

Previously did the OAuth Login command.

Still no luck or improvement.

Hello it’s been a couple of days. Would love to know if it is worth buying for the Mac.

Did you try running the terminal command on your Mac & then setting up eM Client via the automatic setup on Mac as per @Olivia_Rust advise above ?

eM Client for MacOS

  • Open the Terminal
  • Execute this command:
  • defaults write com.emclient.mail.client AllowExchangeOnlineOAuth -bool TRUE
  • Run eM Client and use the automatic setup to set up your accounts with oAuth.