Unable to add my outlook account

Hello! First time posting, so sorry if I’ve gotten anything wrong. Onto the issue I’m having!!

I’ve recently gone through the process of securing my digital life better than what I’ve had before via bitwarden, and since doing so, and having to re-login to emclient on my outlook account, I’ve been turning in circles. I also would like to add that this issue is only present with my outlook email, and both on the PC client and mobile (IOS) client. They are the fully up to date versions as well. My Gmail and iCloud account are both fully working, and my outlook does work in a different email client, so I don’t think it is an account sided issue, although I could be wrong.

I’ll follow the login steps on the emclient website as follows:

1- open the app, and go to the settings pane and tap on “add new account”

2- enter my outlook email address (tried both auto and manual setup and no difference.)

3- leave the account name as the default (just the plain email address)

4- select my encryption method (none as of right now, but do plan to tackle that next)

5- arrive at the almost there screen, and tap on finish. The oauth screen appears, and I log into my account, and asks if I want to add the account.

Now Lies the issue. Once that oauth window closes (after successful authentication, as I get a confirmed app added email from Microsoft) the app / pc client sit on the “almost there” screen, and the account never gets added to emclient. I’ve removed and re-added the account on the Microsoft website, and cleared cache of the browsers on my phone and pc.

If someone could advise on what following steps I should take that would be great, because I’ve been loving emclient so far.