Uložené složky se nepřesunuly do eM Client

Dobrý den,
potřeboval bych prosím poradit. Dnes jsem si stáhnul aplikaci email eM Client, jsem velice spokojený, nastavení proběhlo dobře, kromě jedné věci. Nepřesunuly se mi dvě složky, které mám vytvořené přímo v emailu na Seznam.cz. Tam mám vytvořené dvě vlastní složky, ale po vytvoření účtu a stažení pošty na eM Client se mi tyto dvě složky nepřenesly, jsou tam pouze složky základní. Prosím o pomoc s nastavením.

Once you have setup your email account in eM Client you will see two sets of folders.

Those in your screenshot are your Local folders (1), not the folders from the server (2).

If you don’t see the server folders (2) that could be because the account was not setup correctly. Go to Menu > Accounts and remove the Seznam account, then add it again.

Good day,
thanks for the help, I set up as you advised, but I still don’t see the folders there. Please help. Thank you.

If you go to Menu > Accounts, does this email account have a POP3 or IMAP tab?


If it has IMAP, then it should be syncing all the folders that are on the server. If it doesn’t sync them, there may be some error which you will find in Menu > Operations > Log tab. Look for any IMAP errors. I am not familiar with your provider, but some servers (like Gmail) allow you to specify which folders are available for IMAP. Login to the web interface for your provider and see if there are any settings like that.

Some servers are also not completely compatible with eM Client, and won’t sync public folders. It may be something like that. You can search this forum for issues with Seznam.cz and see if there are any similar comments.

I noticed in your screenshot that your account is email.cz. I don’t know how aliases work with Seznam, and if there are any differences in how the IMAP folders are synced. Maybe you could ask Seznam about that.

If it has POP3, then it will not sync the folders on the server. POP3 only receives new messages that arrive in the Inbox. It does not sync the Sent folder nor any other folders on the server.