UK calender appears twice

A quick question, hope someone can help.

For some reason i am getting UK holidays appearing twice in eM Client Calender and Google Calender. One is set to give a reminder and one isn’t which is strange. I know i have set up Google Calender to display UK Holidays etc. but i suspect eM Client is also displaying it’s own UK Holidays as there are referred to slightly differently (i.e ‘Guy Faulks Night’ and ‘Bonfire Night’ which are basically the same thing).

Is there any way of disabling the eM Client UK Holidays calender as i can’t find this option?

Many thanks in advance.


Hi William, after you’ve setup the account in eM Client, you should be prompted if you want to import holidays into your calendar, if you’ve selected yes, the only way how to delete or extract these calendar events is to delete them manually. Holidays are imported until the end of the current year, so if you’ve imported the holidays recently, you should be able to switch to the “Agenda” view and delete the remaining events.

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Thanks Paul, all deleted.

Hi again, glad I could help, please let us know if you come across any other questions or issues with the application, we’ll be happy to help.

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Thanks Paul, great service

I’m thinking of upgrading to Pro which i’m happy to do (to support your company if nothing else), just wondered if i need to given that i am a home user with only 2 email accounts. What are the advantages and can you please explain lifetime upgrades? If i pay for Pro do i only get eM Client 6 and would i have to pay again for 7 when it is released?

Hi William, I’m happy you’re considering upgrading to the PRO license. Pro licenses offer you the ability to use the application for business/commercial use or the use with work accounts. It also entitles you to use the first hand priority support at or at .

Purchasing the application with lifetime upgrades entitles you to use the application as a pro license client with all future major releases such as future version 7. If you purchase the application without the lifetime upgrades, you’ll receive an activation key for version 6 and all it’s updates, you won’t be force to upgrade to version 7 and you’ll be able to use that version as long as you need to, however it’s updates will be limited.

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Many thanks Paul, i shall upgrade.