Two Raindrop looking symbols appeared

I was messing around inside EM Client to refresh my knowledge and I clicked on something (don’t know what) and now I have these 2 raindrop looking symbols showing up. One is pointing up and the other is pointing down. Do you know what they mean? I don’t believe they were there before I clicked around. They show up in Account Settings and sending a new email. How do I get rid of them?

I think you mean the account avatar.

Please go to Menu > Accounts and click on an account. On the right, click on the avatar and you can change it if you want.

You’re right! It is there. What is an account avatar? Have I always had an account avatar and never noticed? I see I can change it but can I remove it and be “avatar free”?

The idea is really rather nice. I have 4 accounts and can quickly see what account each email (in my all inboxes) is from. You can choose any small jpg file, so I’m guessing that if you made a blank image you could choose that one, or, you could use your initials and choose that for your account avatar.

This was something new in recent releases.

You can’t actually remove it, but if you create your own 1x1 pixel image, you can use that instead, and it most likely will not be visible unless you look really, really close.

Your point is well made. I only have one account so that had gotten by me. Now that I understand the logic, I like it and agree with you. I think the Account Avatar is a great idea and I’m going to keep my “Raindrops”. Thank you.

Ah, the plot thins…the Account Avatar was included in the new release. That’s why it suddenly appeared and confused me with its appearance. I thought I’d done something wrong. Thank you for the clarification and all your help. I was not familiar with the concept of the Account Avatar, now I am and I’m keeping my “Raindrops”.

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