Two Queries

I just now installed Emclient. It looks good. I have two queries: 1. I had my contacts in Outlook earlier. I wish to import them. I have several contact folders like ‘clients’, ‘staff’, ‘friends’, ‘family’ etc. How do I create folders and import each separately? 2. In OutlookiN CONTACTS, It gives a very good facility for Notes. I have so much information in them. How do I import those notes along with the related contacts? Kindly guide and oblige.

Hi Sridhar,
if you still have Outlook installed eM Client should be able to grab all your data through the File > Import > Import from Microsoft Outlook option and import your whole accounts, with messages, contacts, etc.
As for the Notes, unfortunately, eM Client does not support this type of information field for contacts, so the information from unrecognized fields is ignored and won’t be loaded.