Two new (simple) feature requests

Two general feature requests you should seriously consider:

  1. Ability to change the font of unread mail vs. read mail in the mail list - In my mail list, I cannot visually differentiate the text (From, Subject, Received date, etc.) for read mail from unread mail.  
  2. Please add the ability to mark a flag as complete - Right now, an email can be flagged and unflagged only, which makes it difficult to determine which flagged emails were “completed” or followed up on, because clearing it simply loses that notion.

Hello Ara,
thank you for your feedback, let me just suggest some options that I already believe are available:
1, The Read/Unread messages are already different, unread messages are in a Bold font and and most themes have an indicator next to them (The orange dot in the attached screenshot)

2, You can make your message into a Task! Just right-click the message and choose ‘Create Task from message’.
Now you can keep watch on the progress of this, the task will stay in your Task section even after it’s marked as finished and un-flagged.