Two emails are removed from view when only one is deleted

When I delete an email from the list, that email is removed, as well as the next newer email.  This only happens on my Yahoo account.  It does not happen on my Hotmail account.  Both are set as MAPI.  This sounds like the same/similar issue that Ted Plush is having - “Two emails deleting only one selected”.  However, if I close eM and re-open, the email removed in error re-appears, so it is not being deleted from the server, just from the email list in eM.

I have tested this using Outlook.  Hotmail account is also fine on that email program.  However, instead of two messages being deleted as with eM, I generally get three error messages in succession when I delete an email:

“The UID of a message changed unexpectedly.  This typically indicates a server bug.”,  “MsgSeqNum 73: Previous UID: 114980, New UID: 115003”
Error code: 0x800CCCDB

“Your server reported a UID that does not comply with the IMAP standard.”,  “MsgSeqNum 73, New UID: 115003.  Prev UID: 114979, Next UID: 115003”
Error code: 0x800CCCDC

The second error message appears twice.

Happens whether I use the Delete key, ctrl-D or right click then Click on Delete

Using eM Client Version 6.0.24144.0

Hi Dave,
could you please turn on IMAP logging for this yahoo account (Tools>Settings>Advanced and check the IMAP option for your yahoo account) and then restart eM Client.
Replicate the issue and go back to Advanced settings and send the logs to me at with a link to this forum topic in the body of the message.