Two em client on same pc.

Dear all,
Currently sharing em client free with my wife, different email address same ISP. We would like to separate our accounts and have our own free em client. The question, can we both have free em client on the same pc, one account for my wife’s address and one for me?

Hi, yes. You can have one eM Client installation per one Windows account.


Hi ‘no drips’,

Please make sure that you also have 2 accounts on your PC: 1 for you, and 1 for your wife.

If I understand John correctly, you will have to do the following things:

  1. start your PC

  2. log in under *your* name

  3. install eM Client (for you)

  4. logout under Windows

  5. let your wife login on the PC with *her* Windows account

  6. install eM Client (this one will be for your wife)

Thanks for the replies on my question.
I shall press the relevant buttons and see what happens.

No drips.

Hi, was help from user Hans helpful to you?


Hi Jan,

I think I have decided not to pursue this idea as I now see it will involve opening a windows account for each of us. At the moment we both work from the same windows account and eM Client account, and although I would like my gMail account on the same page logging on is no more hassle than running separate windows accounts. I think!



I understand your choice and you are welcome :slight_smile: