two devices

How can I run eM Client on my laptop and also my tablet with the same email address? I bought the Pro version, but it doesn’t allow this. Every time I enable it one device, it disables the other. If this can’t be done, I will want a refund on the Pro price.

You can’t - you need two subscriptions.  I had the same as I wanted to have two instances of EmC  - one on my main desktop and one on a laptop which I only occasionally used - but when I used the laptop, the desktop crashed and vice versa.  It is an issue that Emc really need to sort with some form of licence for a a two machine single user.

don’t you have 2 email addresses? just get an additional free license with the other address.

That could get quite clumsy

Not at all. I have one Pro license for work and at home I have a free license. Never been an issue or clumsy. That being said, I do believe emc should review their licensing and allow 2 devices. I’m sure many do what I do, so it doesn’t seem like there would be significant loss of revenue.

If you have two different addresses, what Jay suggests would work.  However, if one wants to have the same email on both (as Harry’s original post) then Jay’s solution will not work.

Hello Harry,

We’re sorry to hear that our policy isn’t working for you. We don’t allow multiple devices for one license, on the other hand, we don’t require multiple licenses for devices that are used by multiple users, such as computers at receptions. The current policy is based on our research and we are not planning on changing it. If you have more questions or would like to ask for a refund, please contact [email protected]


Is it possible to ask for 2 licences with different email and the use them dir the SAME email Andreas?

Yes, it is possible.

Even for 2 free licenses ?

Yes.  Theoretically you can have as many free licenses as you have valid email addresses.

Thank you so much!