Turn off variable substitution

I participate in a large number of software discussion groups via email.  Several languages use the squiggly brackets like this: {data}.  Unfortunately, emClient uses this same annotation for its own variable substitution.  I like that emClient has variable substitution, but you can see my problem.  Whenever I include a code example that uses squiggly brackets, emClient thinks they belong to emClient and either substitutes a value (e.g., {Date}) or pops up a dialog telling me it is going to do a mail merge if I have more than one recipient.

Is there a way I can either turn off variable substitution in emClient completely, or alternatively put a tag in my email body (like HTML

) to instruct emClient not to perform substitution between those tags?


Hello Guy,
I see your problem, unfortunately, it is not possible to disable the variable substitution.
I’d have to suggest a workaround in the way of attaching your code as a text file attachment instead of pasting it inside the message.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


Olivia, thank you for the reply.  Please enter a request for enhancement on my behalf for eM Client to accommodate this scenario.  This occurs quite frequently in XML-oriented languages and software.  For example, FreeMarker uses ${data}, MyBatis uses both #{data} and ${data}, and Groovy templates use ${data}.  So, I’m bumping into this issue fairly regularly.  Unfortunately, attachments are not a robust solution, since many mailing lists don’t allow them due to the virus risk.

I would be satisfied just having the ability to turn off this feature in eM Client completely, since I haven’t yet had the necessity of variable substitution in emails I send.  However, I realize that is a blunt solution, so I can also work with more flexible solutions.  Two that come to mind are allowing the end user to specify the delimiters to use, or using some sort of tag like

 in HTML that instructs eM Client not to do variable substitution between the start and end tag.  Probably the best is to allow the user to specify which delimiters to use, since that won't affect the body of the email like the 

     tag would.
    Thank you.

Hi Guy,
I see how this can become troublesome. I’ll change this forum topic to idea thread, so that our developer team can consider changing this feature in the future updates.