Trying to UnGoolge

I currently sync calendar & contacts between PC & android through GMail account. Do you have recommendation for syncing WITHOUT Google? I really don’t want my info open to them anymore. (My email server is

BTW: I really love eM Client… it just works!


Do you have recommendation for syncing WITHOUT Google?

If you don’t want to use Google anymore, then you can add your current Outlook email account into eM Client via “Menu / Accounts / Add account” using the (automatic wizard).

Then set Outlook as the default in eM Client accounts, and drag all your old Gmail Inbox, Outbox, Sent folder etc emails into the equivalent same Outlook folders when out of accounts in eM Client.

You would also export your Gmail contacts online to a file and then import those in eM Client Outlook Contacts.

Also your Outlook Calendar will appear in eM Client, where you can then switch stuff over from your current Gmail Calendar.

If you have any Gmail tasks you can switch those over to Outlook equiv in eM Client as well.

Finally once you have everything switched over 100% remove your Gmail account from eM Client.

The last step is deleting your actual Google account. Remember though usually when you delete a Google account it’s normally gone for good.

Ps I personally have both Gmail and Outlook Accounts setup in eM Client, but mainly use Gmail these days. Both seem great for me. Outlook also has a good app for iOS & Droid to sync like Gmail.