Try to import from Outlook 2013 and no account or file appear, but my Outlook works fine

eM Client installed and activated free. Does not see any Outlook 2013 accounts or files. What special hoops must I jump through to make something so simple work. Using Windows 8.1 on a Dell laptop.

If you go to Menu > File > Import >  Microsoft Outlook, as long as the pst file from Outlook is still on the computer, it should not be a problem.

Can you try import selected folders, instead of whole accounts, and see if eM Client is able to read the pst file?

When I go through the steps to import NOTHING shows up for accounts or files. That is the problem. Just an empty box. It says “no accounts found.”

When you go to import selected folders, do you get a window that looks like this?

After selecting a folder, you should be asked where to import the data to.

If you keep the default setting, the messages should be imported to your Local Folders.

Can you check there to see if there is anything. If you can’t see the Local Folders, you can enable them in Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Show Local Folders.

I use Menu -> File -> Import… , Then under the “applications” section at the top I select Microsoft Outlook , them “Import Whole Accounts” Then the empty box shows up that says “no accounts found” so I never get the choices you keep talking about.

Instead of Import whole accounts, try the other option: Import selected folders , to see if it can read the pst file.

I tried that and the panel that appears is just empty. I don’t think you understand what I am writing, nothing shows up under either choice.

If Outlook is not installed on the computer then you will get a blank window like this.

You can try Menu > File > Import > Outlook Personal Storage (.pst). Then point to the location of your pst file.

AsI said in moy post my outlook is working fine. eM detects that because if 
Outlook is open it says to close it and retry. eM is just NOT working right!

I am sorry, I must have missed where you said MS Outlook was working.

Hopefully someone else can offer you assistance on this.

Thank you so much Gary for all of your assistance! I’m still hoping someone knows what the workaround for this bug is.

Thanks Gary. I also did the personal storage option because it would not work and that method works well.  Saved me a lot of time going the IMAP route.