Trouble setting up Gmail account

I just downloaded and installed the eM client and have attempted to link it to my existing gmail account. It keeps asking for my gmail user name and password, but it will not accept one or the other. It won’t tell me which, but, I have reset my gmail (google) password and it still keeps asking for my password.

Any suggestions?

Hi Richard,

I just had the same problem yesterday. Finally worked it out though. This what I had to do - 

Go here and set to “Enable”

It synced perfectly afterwards. Hope this helps.


Bob, you are brilliant!

It was so nice to wake up here in sunny Honolulu, Hawai’i and have a simple solution to my problem.

Thank you for including the link too. Two (2) clicks of my mouse button and I saw the eM begin synchronizing.

Aloha and God bless you,