trouble sending emails

I have EM Client ver 6.0.24928.0  It has worked fine in the past but the last couple weeks it has given me trouble sending. Sometimes it takes 6-7 attempts before it goes. I use AVG antivirus and it is set to not scan out going emails. I am using Windows 10. I have uninstalled and reinstalled EM Client. I have had Frontier verify my settings twice. I have included a screen shot of my settings and the error log. Thank you for any help you can give me.

User here.  

Just an observation (I don’t have email via Frontier - mine is Comcast) but in my email accounts that I have an SMTP tab for, I also have the “_ Use these credentials: " radio button ticked along with my user name and password.  I see that you have a user email address and password shown.  Is there some reason you are not using them to connect to their server, instead of " Use identity credentials _”?  Could this be the problem?  

Thanks for the thought but I have tried that setting and it doesn’t make any difference.

Well it turns out the problem is with my service provider.

Hi Becky,

Sorry for the response delay and that we couldn’t have been of more help. Glad you solved the issue.