Trouble importing Contacts....Facebook and Windows Mail

Really like this program…I think.

Problems: won’t import contacts from Facebook…error message that it failed with no explanation. Yes, I’m following instructions.

Also unable to import Windows Mail contacts that are sitting in a folder on desktop having been restored from Carbonite backup server. Ideas??? Thanks much.

can you please paste here the exact text of error message you get (or send a screenshot) or at least say what point did you experience the problems?

Regarding Windows Mail import we would appreciate information about format (e.g. file extension) you have your contacts stored in a desktop folder.


I am also have the same problem. I have tried it using two different methods and get the same error message. One time I used GMX and the other time, Yahoo. I even deleted the Yahoo Contact Importer as someone suggested. Here is the error message I keep getting: “Sorry, something went wrong. Either you are not connected to any friends in Facebook yet, or Facebook has a temporary technical problem.” Help!