Trouble importing Contacts...CSV

I am attempting to migrate from OperaMail to eM Client.
I exported my contacts from OperaMail to ADR.
I used an app called “o2g” to convert from ADR to CSV.
I inspected the CSV file, it looks ok.
I am now attempting to import the CSV into eM Client.
eM Client says it imported the correct number of contacts, but my contacts are still empty.
I dont find any log files.
Any suggestions?

I fixed the problem by enabling local folders. Apparently it was working, but the “contacts” view wasn’t displaying anything. Not very intuitive, but it is working.

Hi, I’m glad it works for you now.
If you experience any more issues or you have any more questions, let us know.

Thank you,

I have the same problem, but this solution didnt work for me!

Hi Bertil,
what part of the problem is the same? Did you succesfully create the CSV file? Did the import of CSV not run correctly? Or did it finish but you cannot access your contacts?
Please describe your issue more.