Trouble importing Contacts.csv file from Outlook 2016

I am trying out the trial version and cannot import all of a contacts.csv file from Windows 10 Outlook 2016.
When I view the .csv file in Excel I see all of the columns I expected to see but when I imported them only the first few columns were imported.  The email addresses which were far over to the right columns in Excel and were not imported.  The first few columns, First Name, Last name, etc., were imported completely and fully.  There was not a way to assign a column name in setting up the import.  I tried to find a way to insert a screenshot here but couldn’t figure out.

The window I am talking about is entitled 'Import" and subheading is 'Import contacts from CSV file Select appropriate fiields by clicking on the column header of each column". No email address!

How can I get my 2016 contacts into emClient?

Thank you

If you click the down arrow next to each column header, you can select which field that column will map to.

You can use the scroll bar at the bottom of the screen to scroll right to the other columns. It might not be immediately obvious that it is there.

Thank you very much.  Saying that the scroll bar might to be obvious is the understatement of the year!  I found it though a used it as you suggested and go my contacts over just fine.

Thanks again.