Trouble downloading the 4.0.13961.0 update

When I start eM it informs about the 4.0.13961.0 update; I select ‘yes, download’ and it “appears” to do it. Then eM shuts down but nothing happens so I have to start it manually… and here it comes the update offer over and over again. I’ve experiencing this from 4 days now.

please uninstal your eM Client manually and then download and install a new version from


After all, because of lot of work reasons, I didn’t find the time to uninstall manually eM Client as you suggested. Also, for some reason the Update notice window didn’t popup again so I forgot about the issue. But after few days later, the popup update notice came up again so I gave it the chance to proceed, with the difference that this time the update process completed 100% and now the new version is running. A miracle…? :slight_smile:

Thanks anyway for your advice!