troube creating telus Email account

Having trouble setting up my Telus Email account, mainly the S M T P setting. Tried everything to no avail.
No prob’s with my Gmail account.

are you getting any error messages? Did you try to set the account manually? If not, then click New account - Mail - Other - Next and fill in the account settings manually.

Attempt to connect to “Davecal” failed, could be because of incorrect settings.
Thanks George. I did try your suggestion to no avail.
I’ve also tried about everything in the book.
I’ve tried other email prog’s before and I always use the same settings, which always works for me, but not this time.
Dave C

I am sorry to hear that - please enable SMTP logging for the particular account and restart eM Client. Wait until the error message appears and send us the log. Thank you.

Thanks George I appreciate your help but I do believe I’ve tries all of these things…
I have since been successful in reviving Win-mail, a program I always loved, so I’m very happy now.
Dave C

I understand, thank you for letting me know.