Trojan or virus disabled my antivirus software

I downloaded eM client from this site and was hit with a virus or trojan that disabled my virus protection. I had to completely recover my system. Just wanted you to know this.

please be assured that eM Client isn’t a source of any malicious software. Every installation package is checked before a release and there are many companies that scan the software before using it or publishing it on their websites.

Therefore I believe that the fact you downloaded eM Client near the time you experienced the problems is an unfortunate coincidence.

Best Regards
Libor Grafnetr
eM Client Senior Developer


I have installed eM Client on my computer, and everything works fine, EXCEPT when you click on that link to get your eM Client Licence. Clicking the link will install a trojan onto your computer, which is very difficult to get rid of… I had to recover my computer from start to stop intrusion. However, if you never click that link, the software is perfect.

Hope that will be patched in the future. Thank you in advance.



can you please copy that link and post it here? We are unaware of any behaviour like this and our servers are not infected or cracked.

also can I ask what software does tell you that there is trojan under that link?



Well, it is difficult to copy that link since it disappeared after the software is registered. In fact, the link installed extensions in my google chrome browser. So that i got redirected to another webpage when typing in the address bar.

I have to install eM Client in a friend’s computer, I’ll try to copy the link for you.


okay, will wait for that link