Tricks and Ideas using EM Client

I haven’t used EM Client long, but it is one of the best PIM products.  For years I used Outlook (bloated and doesn’t work well with web-based services) and Thunderbird (hasn’t been kept up to date).  Then spent two years using multiple web-based services; Google (what a mess but required for Android phones), (sync issues, pathetic tasks, etc), ZOHO (IMAP issues), Yahoo (NO sync beyond mail).  It’s been GREAT to come back to a light-weight, simple product that does the basics and works so well with the web-based services.

I thought I’d share some of the tricks I’ve learned.

1.  Use “Copy to Folder” in the Right click Context Menu to easily copy calendar events and contacts from one web service to another, keeping you “in sync”. 
     If you manage different contact lists or calendars in multiple web services you know keeping them in sync with one another can be difficult.  Mobile devices keep them separate or do nasty things with the data and the services don’t play nice with one another, and other sync solutions require additional software installs and sign ups.  Not everyone can use just one service or ecosystem of products, not do they want multiple parties handling their data. 
     For example, I have Android devices that use Gmail contacts and Google calendar and I use for mail.  Used to have to enter a contact into both…same with different calendars.
With both services set up in my accounts in EM client, now I just enter a contact or event into one of them, and use the “Copy to Folder”.  Only one additional step and everything is in “Sync”…without the sync.

2.  Set Up your web email service as a Web Widget
     If you need to access features or account functions in your web-based email services, the Web Widget allows you the same access as if you were logged in through your regular internet browser, and means you don’t have to switch programs, windows, etc. 
     For example, will not send emails from additional Alias addresses using ANY mobile device or third-party software…only when logged in to the web service directly.  With as a Web Widget, I can send those few emails I need to from the Aliases and never have to open my browser or leave EM Client.

3.  Use the “Right Click” context menus.  There are some great shortcuts available.  The ones I use a great deal are:

  • In an open email, clicking on the FROM address - Add Contact, Create Rule, and my favorite…Communication History (When you need to remember something that person sent you earlier)
  • In the Mail List, clicking on an email - Create a Meeting from Email, Create a Task from Email (another favorite.  Works well for people that are used to using email as tasks)
  • In Calendar, clicking on an event - Invite Attendees and the previously mentioned Copy to Folder

I do have a few requests for an upcoming update…

  1. A “Mark as Read” button up on the Toolbar
  2. Check boxes in the mail lists for selecting multiple items.  (I know you can do that holding the “Shift” or “Control” button, but it’s not as convenient at times)
  3. Option to view Tasks in all the calendar views: Add to days in the Month View and Agenda View (events and tasks are blended in the Sidebar Agenda, so why not the Calendar Agenda?
  4. Monthly Calendar view…can we lose the separate box in each day for the Date number?  At least make the line and go away and background the same…all the extra lines and coloring is distracting and unnecessary

Does anyone else have some good hints or tricks they’ve learned using EM Client?