Trialling eMclient alongside Outlook

I have just downloaded eMClient, and intend to run it in parallel with Outlook for a while, to make sure I want to make the transition. I have imported my data from Outlook - my query is, if I decide to go with eMClient, and re-import the data, will it overwrite what is there already, or create duplicates?

So far, I am quite impressed with the program, except that the calendar is converting times to one hour before my system (current) time, and I find changing the appearance of colours quite restrictive.


Do you use POP3 or IMAP?

POP3. I am not a fan of IMAP!

@AMM2T If you are going to reimport Outlook pop data into EM Client again, in my opinion its best to remove the old pop data from EM Client and re-import Outlook data as new to avoid any duplicate issues. I personally would always do that with any new email client importing old data.

There is a duplicate checker in EM Client, but some customers have found that doesn’t always work 100%.

Hi, Thanks for that - I was thinking much the same myself, just to be on the safe side. With Outlook, you can restore a .pst file over another, so there is no possibility of creating unwanted duplicates, but as yet I am unsure as to how eMClient works in that respect.