Trial period over, cannot get activation key for new computer

I had eM Client installed on a different computer. Got a new computer, downloaded latest version of eM, brought over all my old files (thanks for the help on that a month ago!), things progressing nicely.

Have started getting the ‘demo expiring’ messages so I clicked to get a new license. Get error message that the email already has a license. Then realized I have to deactivate license on old computer. Did that earlier today. Still cannot get activation key for license sent to email.

It does appear the old license did not transfer over with all the old files. Can someone help me get the activation key, please. I’ve got 2 days left on the demo.

Thank you!

Hello Amelie,

If you already have an activation key, please have it resent from here use it in the Menu -> Help -> License section.


Thanks, Maurice. The problem was I was not receiving the ‘lost activation key’ email. However, last night I received 4 of them and I installed the activation key today and all is good. Yay!