Trial Period for Pro Version

Last week I signed up for 30 day trial period to try the Pro version of eMC and today I got a message saying I have 6 days left. Am I missing something?

Suggest to then lodge a support request VIP ticket via the eM Client Pro support page.

If you mean you purchased a Pro license to try under the 30 day money back guarantee, have you activated the license yet?

You do that by going to Menu > Help > License > Activate and paste in the license key.

My impression was that I could use the Pro version without charge for 30 days and then pay the fee if I wanted to retain it.

Yes, you can.

If you have not previously installed eM Client on that device, you can download and use the application without a license for 30 days.

Once that has expired you will need to either purchase a Pro license or register a Free license depending on your needs and use.

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Twice I tried to activate as you recommended but the system didn’t recognize my activation key. What do I do know?

Please contact me directly on with a description of the issue and I will assist you that way.