Trash folder gone from one account

I had thought I had found the perfect e-mail program but suddenly I have found the Trash folder has disappeared from one of my accounts. ‘Trash’ does not even appear as a title below the account name. I had been deleting to Trash in order to reduce the size of my In box. Is there any way of retrieving the Trash items, and is there a way of restoring the Trash folder for the account? Grateful for suggestions.  

Sorry! Problem solved (I think). I found that when I clicked on ‘More’ below In Sent, etc, Trash reappeared, with its contents. But a bit mystified as to why it went to ‘More’! 

Hello Kingsley,

That sounds like you used the ‘Hide’ or ‘Show if unread’ option (available through right-clicking the folder). Please select ‘Show’ to have it displayed as before. These two options are available to make the navigation faster if you have a big number of folders.