trash folder automatically purging messages?

My trash folder seems to be automatically purging messages that are more than a few weeks old. I do not want this to happen. I download mail from gmail but do not sync and do not delete mail in gmail anyway. Any insights welcome.

Hello Hannah,
Gmail servers automatically delete messages from Trash and Spam folders after 30 days.
This is a server behavior that cannot be changed.
If you want to keep your emails in your account just don’t send them to Trash but create a new folder for them or move them to eM Client local folders.


That’s what I am doing - downloading from gmail and then moving to trash in my eM Client instance. They are not in the trash in gmail.

I noticed that this is also happening with the mail from my school, which also downloads into eM Client. The oldest item in the trash folder in eM Client is from December 16, 2016. 

Hello Hannah,
eM Client does not automatically delete messages unless you set it to do so.
Is the Trash folder really located in Local folders? Can you provide a screenshot of the folder structure in the left-side menu?

Otherwise, please check the settings in Menu>Tools>Settings>General.
Make sure the option to ’ Empty trash on exit’ is not enabled.

D’oh, “empty trash on exit” was checked. (I don’t exit very often!) Thank you for helping me sort this out.


Hello Hannah,
no problem, glad the issue is resolved :slight_smile: