trash emptying itself

my trash folder keeps emptying itself…

Done it once and I thought it was just a glitch, but now done it again - went into trash folder and momentarily I could see all trash and then they just disappeared and left just yesterday and today

If you are using IMAP this will happen depending upon how you have configured what it kept on the actual email servers from which your email is pulled into eMail Client.

For example, if you have eMail client set up for Gmail, if you delete files using the Gmail web browser, when you return to eMail Client you will soon see the trash folder emptied as well once a sync has occurred. Similarly, if you delete a received email using Gmail web interfaces, that Gmail email message will be removed from any email client you are using on a device, such as eMail Client on a personal computer.

If you are only using eMail Client for all email, set your IMAP settings to not leave email on the servers once accessed within eMail client and set IMAP to actually download your emails to eMail Client. IMAP is not like a POP email account. Therein lies the difference to many email issues.

Hi Darren,

Can you try checking your server settings? Also what mail account type and mail service provider are you using?