Translation should have an "Always" option for Pro users

It’s bizarre that there’s no “Always” option for translations for Pro users, and it becomes quite tedious to click to translate every message. Can this please be done always and automatically upon receipt of a message, so that when I open it the message is already translated for me?

Once you have translated the message, it will remain translated, so at least that is something.

But I assume automatic translation is not an option because for Free License users, there are only limited translations, and they may not want to translate every message possible. It may also have something to do with the API with Bing, and there are some limitations.

If you have a Pro License, you could open a support ticket with eM Client and enquire about the technical limits to this. It would be interesting to know.

There also needs to be a way to initiate a translation manually, because it doesn’t always offer to do it, especially (it seems) when some of the message contains English but the majority of it is in a foreign language.

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The translation option should be offered if a larger portion of the text is in a language other than your system setting. Which is not very useful when a reply is in a foreign language, but is followed by a massive disclaimer in English. ;-(

So yes, there should be some way to initiate a translation manually in the message preview. You can do it when composing a message by selecting the text and using Ctrl+T, so the functionality is there.

Are the eM Client developers going to give an official answer?

You could write to them and ask, but they do not usually comment on this forum.

Thanks, maybe I’ll email support about this issue and the fact that selecting text in Contacts still doesn’t totally work properly.

I was going to suggest that it may be better to open a support ticket, but then it is not an issue, but rather a feature request. So yes, write to them if you want some feedback on your request.

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Gary I hope eM Client is paying you for all of this help you give! :slight_smile:

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I am not sure if that is sarcasm or not, but in the spirit of the Holidays, I think I will take it as a compliment. :slight_smile:

But seriously, no, we are all just volunteers here. I try to offer some help, interspersed with regular scathing comments, because I am enthusiastic about this application.

If I was being paid by the company I might have to be more careful of what I say here. :wink:

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I’ve been on users forums since the BBS days. I’ve rarely seen a helpful and supportive user such as @Gary.