Translation Issue

I received an email today in which the content, for the most part, was composed in Spanish.

No translation was auto applied by eMC nor was any option to translate displayed. Being the first time I have encountered an email written in other than English, I checked settings (took awhile to figure out where it was :roll_eyes:)… Translation is turned on and I am a PRO user.

Windows 10 (very current)
Em Client v8.2.1473

Any ideas?

Just thought of something… could it be that the entire email was not written in Spanish, thus it doesn’t translate any part of it?

The email I received was a reply to one I sent, thus 1/2 was English and equal amount was Spanish (Start of email). Again just a thought…

OK, I have tested using an email with ONLY Spanish content and eMC detected the Spanish language and presented the option to translate “Now or Never”. So no AUTO translation???

The majority of the message needs to be in a language other that what you have set eM Client to use in Menu > Settings > Language.