Transferring Outlook emails and address book to new Windows 8.1 computer

I have emails and an address book under Outlook on an old XP computer and, as they are important, I want to bring them across to my new computer running Windows 8.1. Is this possible please with eM?

Yes, you can import a .PST file from Outlook into eM Client.

You can import them from outlook or even from those files only (easiest way is to drag and drop then to folders, but File - Import… is also possible).

or you can synchronize them over internet if you use IMAP like protocol and that old computer is connected to internet (and you have same account on both devices).


All done - thank you - my wife is now happy :slight_smile:


You are welcome and thank you for information about your issue.


Thanks for the help.

I now have my main email account going into Inbox but three supplementary ones have their own headings on the same level as Local Folders. How can I get everything going into just the one Inbox please?

I am not sure if I have understood right, could you make and post screenshot of your leftside panel with visible folders and description what would you like to achieve?


Hi Jan

Screenshot attached (although I am not sure I have done it right).

You will see that above there are the three email addresses that I want to all come into the one main inbox rather than four separate ones.

Whilst I can recall there being an option where to have the incoming mail placed when I set up the first account it did not seem to appear for the subsequent ones.

I am also having problems with sending mail from the main account. It fails to operate occasionally and I use eClient to fix it which it doers and I can send that message but when I want to send another message then the setting seems to have been ‘lost’ and the fix has to go in again - help :slight_smile: PLEASE.


I am sorry for delayed answer, in Tools - Setting - General - General check “show smart folders” and you will be able to see Global folders (with unread and inbox included).